Technology , Innovation, and Automation Language Exercises and Worksheets

  • Learning and understanding the vocabulary and language of technology and associated topics such as automation is essential for English language learners and job seekers in the 21st   century.
  • Common technological expressions can be taught with the aid of pictures, surveys, discussion exercises and debate type activities looking at advantages and disadvantages.

17 Computer and technology vocabulary, language and listening/speaking exercises.

Describing shapes worksheet (PDF)

Matching appliances (PDF)

What are they made of ? (PDF)

Useful things vocabulary , pictures & questions (PDF)

Object and uses for work and study -with pictures(PDF)

Dramatic fool object roleplay

Creativity & innovation questionnaire lesson (PDF)

Keep your English up to date: BBC ESL lesson about the Internet and IT

Everyday Objects Come to Life Lesson idea

Giving instructions vocabulary

Readings and audio files about technological inventions

Articles about famous inventions

Welcome to How Stuff Works!

Internet Lesson Plan for ESL students