Teacher Tools for ESL Teachers

  • Technology, and in particular, artificial intelligence is totally changing the teaching environment for ESL teachers.
  • Technologies such as mobile phones, Ipads and bluetooth speakers have revolutionized listening/speaking classes.
  • Cloud storage services apps have have revolutionized  the availability of teaching materials.
  • Design software and almost infinite image libraries has turned every teacher into a potential author and  publisher.
  • Artificial intelligence is empowering teachers in every aspect of their work.
  • Automated quiz and test making websites and apps have allowed teachers to be professionals like never before.
  • Below are links to some of the technologies, apps and services I have found useful over the years.

Number 1 Teaching Tool for 2022

The Number 1 Teaching Tool for 2022 for is OpenAI. It will change your life as a teacher. It’s already changed mine. Have a look at the video below to understand how it works. I should emphasize that it’s all about the words you use and the questions you ask. The video only shows a sample, the tip of the iceberg.

Creating teaching materials with artificial intelligence (YouTube video)

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Revolution in the classroom: teacher tools for the ESL listening/speaking teacher (PDF)

Quiz and test maker

Vocabulary handout maker with pictures on various topics

Crossword puzzle maker

Teacher tools including crossword maker, label the pictures, multiple choice etc.(free)

Vocabulary Worksheet Factory

Another excellent quizmaker

Flashcard exchange

Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder : great for creating ESL listening tests

Dropbox:  great way to store and share documents

Evernote webclipper: fantastic way to research & file information at breakneck speed


Create a graph (free)