Contrast with pictures

But, however, although

1 Brainstorm positives/negatives about places on the board

Blah Blah cinemacleancrowded
Paradise City etc.beautiful templesa lot of pollution

2 Students brainstorm positives/negatives about pictures in pairs or groups

Give every student or every second student a picture (scenic or city pics from the “National Geographic” are best or choose a subject and search on the internet) with a sheet of blank paper attached to the bottom. Students write as many nouns and adjectives as they can in columns on the paper. Rotate the pics a few times.

Example of nouns and adjectives from a picture of mountain scenery: mountains far wild animals pretty etc.

3 Speaking

Model a conversation and perhaps write cues on the board to clarify the use of conjunctions and words for contrast. Also, be careful of noun-adjective confusion.

Write these 4 words on the board:

but     however      though         and

Talk to a student ..hold out the picture.

A: What’s it like?……….however…….

(the student must use the word “however”

in his or her reply)

B: There are a lot of wild animals. However, it’s really pretty.

(finally let the students walk round…….and do the exercise with each other)

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