Contrast with pictures

But, however, although

1. Brainstorm on board

Place +
Blah Blah cinema clean crowded
Paradise City etc. beautiful temples a lot of pollution

2. Pic Brainstorm (alone or pairs)

Give every student or every second student
a picture (scenic or city pics from the “National
Geographic” are best or choose a subject and use the clipart search box at the bottom of this
page) with a sheet of blank paper attached to the bottom. Students write as many nouns and adjectives as they can in columns on the paper. Rotate the pics a few times.

nouns adjectives mountains far wild animals pretty etc

3. Speaking

Model this conversation and perhaps write cues on the board to clarify the use of conjunctions and words for contrast. Also,
be careful of noun-adjective confusion.
write these 4 words on the board:
but however though and
Talk to a student ..hold out the picture
A: What’s it like?……….however
the student must use the word “however”
in his or her reply.
B: There are a lot of wild animals. However, it’s really pretty.
Finally let the students walk round…….

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