ESL Routines and Daily Activities Exercises and Worksheets

  • Routines and daily activity exercises  are generally used to teach the present simple tense and  present continuous tenses.
  • Teachers often use survey, quiz or questionnaire activities for these topics.
  • Picture-based or miming activities also work well in the classroom.

10 Exercises for Routines, Daily Activities and Adverbs of Frequency

7 Brainstorming and Speaking Activities for Like and Dislikes

What are they doing (present continuous picture worksheets) (PDF)

Circle of determiners

Do/go/play brainstorming/speaking exercise

Sentence making tic-tac-toe game for routines verbs

Frequency adverb drill

Pic/sentence prediction for present continuous

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Housework questionnaire (PDF)

“What do you usually do at….” questionnaire (PDF)

Housework, routines, habits worksheets (PDF)

Handout maker for chores (with pictures)