Christmas Lesson Plans

Christmas is an interesting teaching topic which can be taught from a variety of different angles including:

  • language and story exercises focusing on Christianity and the story of Jesus.
  • historical and fun exercises centering about Santa Claus.
  • speaking and discussion exercises relating to families and attitudes to Christmas.
  • more advanced debate activities about commercialism, materialism and the politics of Christmas.

Christmas Surveys & Questionnaires For ESL Teachers & Students

10 entertaining and merry Christmas vocabulary & speaking exercises (PDF)

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Other Christmas Activities & Exercises for ESL Teaching

Christmas crossword (PDF)

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (audio story)

General Christmas Lesson Plans For the ESL Classroom

ESL worksheets for Christmas (PDF)

Christmas lesson plan

Make and print handouts for Christmas

Christmas lesson plan (Developing Teachers)

Champagne Story (Christmas story creating activity)

ENGLISH PAGE – Lesson – Christmas

More Christmas Vocabulary Lists, Exercises and Gap-Fills For ESL

Christmas vocabulary practice worksheet (PDF)

Christmas vocabulary list (PDF)

Christmas Adjectives Gap-Fill Exercise

Christmas Story gap-fill

Christmas Vocabulary Worksheet