10 Entertaining and Merry Christmas Vocabulary and Speaking Exercises

Updated November 26th 2020

Christmas is a good topic as it touches so many aspects of society and culture. It’s also pretty good fun.

 1 Brainstorming Christmas

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Just a fun brainstorming exercise covering different aspects of Christmas.

Brainstorming Christmas worksheet

Brainstorming Christmas (PDF)

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 2 Write a conversation about  Christmas

Students have to use at least 6 of the most common Christmas words or phrases to make a conversation.

Write a conversation exercise for Christmas

Write a conversation about  Christmas (PDF)

 3 Elements of Christmas vocabulary (with answers)

In this Christmas vocabulary exercise students match the Christmas related words and phrases to the pictures. The vocabulary can serve as an icebreaker or introduction into the religious, cultural and moral aspects of Christmas. Click on the image below or the link to download the PDF file.

Christmas vocabulary exercise with pictures

Elements of Christmas (PDF)

 4 The Story of Jesus (with answers)

Using pictures is great way to present and illustrate the story of Jesus. And by getting students  to match the pictures to vocabulary they will become more deeply engaged with the story.


Sory of Jesus vocabulary exercise

The Story of Jesus (PDF)

 5  Christmas discussion questions

This is a Christmas discussion questions and speaking activity worksheet for English language learners.


Christmas discussion questions

Christmas discussion questions(PDF)

 6 Christmas vocabulary dictation exercise

This is an activity for introducing or exploring Christmas related vocabulary with English language learners. It can used for dictating new language or it can be used as a game by  giving students or teams points for finding the words that match the pictures.


Christmas vocabulary and picture matching dictation or game

Christmas vocabulary (PDF)

 7 Christmas vocabulary and speaking  exercise

This is an elementary activity to get students talking about Christmas.

Christmas speaking activity and questionnaire

Christmas vocabulary and speaking (PDF)

 8 Elements of Santa’s Life

In this totally fun exercise students match the words and phrases to the appropriate pictures for  a humorous look at Santa’s life.

Vocabulary activity and pictures for Santa Claus an Christmas

Elements of Santa’s life (PDF)

 9 What’s Santa saying ?

In this Christmas vocabulary exercise students complete
the speech bubbles with their own ideas about what Santa
is saying.

Speaking skills and language exercise for Santa Claus

What’s Santa saying ? (PDF)

 10 Christmas word sorting

In this Christmas vocabulary exercise students sort the Christmas related words into suitable categories.

Christmas word sorting exercise

Christmas word sorting ? (PDF)

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