Terrific Travel and Tourism Language and Vocabulary Lessons

1 Talking about travel and culture speaking lesson

This is an ESL speaking and writing lesson for practicing basic language for talking about travel and culture. First, students complete the sentences with the vocabulary at the bottom of the page. Then they give their own opinions about what they like and dislike about traveling. 

Travel and culture vocabulary (PDF)

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2 Tourism & travel ranking/rating vocabulary and discussion lesson (with answers) 

This is an ESL speaking for discussing travel. Students match the vocabulary to the pictures. Then they rank their preferences for the various types of travel experience. Finally, they discuss their preferences.

Travel activity picture -vocabulary matching and ranking exercise for ESL and English language students.

Rating different kinds of travel (PDF)

3 Brainstorming the pros/cons of
traveling alone or traveling in groups

This is an exercise for discussing the advantages/disadvantages of traveling alone or traveling in groups . Students look at the pictures and then try to write down their ideas. Then, on the third page of the PDF, they can organize their ideas for a discussion or an essay.

Traveling alone or in groups pros/cons discussion lesson for English language classes.

Travel alone or in groups (PDF)

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4 Tourism & travel survey and speaking lesson

This is an ESL speaking and writing lesson for giving opinions about tourism and travel. First, students write five survey questions about advertising. There are some examples of questions at the top of the first page of the PDF.  When they have written five questions, they can walk around the class asking classmates their questions and noting down their answers on the worksheet. Finally, they write a short report from their survey question answers. This is a fun communicative exercise that allows students to mix freely.

Tourism/travel classroom survey (PDF)

5 Speaking skills worksheet: travel situations (with answers)

This is an English language exercise exploring language commonly used in various traveling situations.  Students try to imagine what is being said in each situation and fill in the speech bubbles.

Travel situations speaking skills (PDF)

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