New Year’s Resolutions Vocabulary and Discussion Worksheets

20th December 2023

1 New Year language worksheets

Below are some new exercises for introducing and practicing the vocabulary for talking about topics related to the New Year.

Picture and vocabulary matching PDF

Language exercises related to New Year activities PDF

Conversational practice worksheet for talking about the New Year PDF

A critical thinking and discussion worksheet for discussing the New Year PDF

Write a conversation about New Year PDF

2 New Year Resolutions for 2024 worksheet

     New Year resolutions provide a lot of useful language and vocabulary that can form the basis of good vocabulary and discussion lessons. It’s quite a personal topic and gives students a good opportunity to express themselves. This is an English language worksheet for thinking about  and brainstorming  resolutions for the next year.  It is also a good and way to teach the future tense.

New Year’s resolutions 2024 (PDF)

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3 Resolutions for the future worksheet

     This is an English language worksheet for thinking about resolutions for the future. Students write down their own resolutions under the appropriate headings. Then they choose  their three most important resolutions and set dates/ deadlines for when they want to achieve those resolutions.


Resolutions for the future teaching idea

Resolutions for the future (PDF)

Future Tense: Plans, Predictions and Schedules (3 exercises)

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ESL listening exercises

4 New Year resolutions expressions and vocabulary 

     This is an activity for introducing or exploring the vocabulary and language of New Year resolutions. It can used for dictating new language or it can be used as a game by  giving students or teams points for guessing/finding the words that match the pictures.


New Year resolutions vocabulary and discussions activtities

New Year’s resolutions vocabulary and discussions  (PDF)

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