1 Write a conversation exercise: talking about families

Talking about the families is another easy topic for dialogue/conversation writing for elementary English learners. This exercise includes 3 example conversations and one conversation (audio file) that can be used as a listening activity.

Write a conversation about family exercise for ESL learners.

Write a conversation: family (PDF)

(see the YouTube video)

Write a conversation exercise: family

2 Family vocabulary matching exercise

    A family vocabulary and picture matching exercise and worksheet focusing on words used to describe aspects of family relationships.

(download PDF)

3 Essential family vocabulary

A dictation exercise. Dictate the words and the students write the words on the pictures. Or the students can match the vocabulary from the last page.

(download PDF)

4 Family/relationship survey speaking activity

  A fun and reliable elementary present simple tense speaking activity for a large class.  The great thing about it is that it works at really elementary levels. The teacher models the activity using the survey template drawn on the board.  Students then move around the classroom talking to at least five other students. During the survey part of the activity the teacher is free to monitor the students and also participate, having an opportunity to speak to students individually. As the students are finishing their surveys, the teacher can write a model report on the board.

(download PDF)

5 Brainstorming family vocabulary

An icebreaker to see how many family related words know.

(download PDF)

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