Halloween Vocabulary and Language Exercises

Halloween is one of the better holidays for a language lesson as it offers up a whole lot of fun, weird, and bizarre images and vocabulary. It’s great for picture-vocabulary matching and word-sorting  exercises,   It’s also a pretty interesting discussion topic and questionnaires and surveys could also work well.

1 Elements of Halloween vocabulary ( with answers)

In this Halloween vocabulary worksheet students match the
Halloween related words and phrases to the pictures. Click on the image below or the link  to download the PDF file.

 Halloween vocabulary matching exercise

Elements of Halloween vocabulary (PDF)

(See the video version on YouTube)


2 Halloween word sorting

In this Halloween vocabulary worksheet students sort the
Halloween related words into the suitable categories: terrifying, scary and fun.

Halloween vocabulary sorting

Halloween word sorting (PDF)


3 Halloween discussion lesson

This is a Halloween discussion lesson. Students explain how the pictures relate to Halloween and then write answers to the questions.

Halloween discussion lesson

Halloween discussion lesson (PDF)


4 Halloween: the good and bad brainstorm

This is a Halloween brainstorming exercise. Students brainstorm the things they like and dislike about Halloween.

Halloween good and bad brainstorm

Halloween; the good and bad brainstorm (PDF)

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