4 Romance, Love and Friendships Lessons

1 Elements of love (vocabulary worksheet with answers)

This is an  English  language  exercise  introducing and exploring the vocabulary and common expressions used to talk about love and romance. Students try to match the vocabulary with the appropriate pictures.  This can be followed up by a speaking activity in which students have to explain what is happening in each of the pictures. I guess this would be a pretty good exercise for Valentine’s Day.


Elements of love vocabulary matching

Elements of love  (PDF)

2 Love & romance lesson

This is an ESL  speaking and vocabulary  lesson  for talking about love and romance. First, students match the pictures with the vocabulary and expressions  in the middle of the page. Then they can discuss their ideas using the questions at the bottom of the page

Love and romance speaking activity

Love and romance speaking activity  (PDF)

3 Friendship questionnaire and discussion speaking activity

  This is an ESL   speaking and writing lesson  for talking about friendship. First, students choose five survey questions about friendship from the examples on the worksheet. Alternatively, they can think of  their own questions.  When they have written five questions on, they can walk around the class asking  classmates their questions and noting down their answers on the worksheet. Finally, they can discuss the most common and unusual ideas about friendship in the class This is a fun communicative exercise that allows students to mix freely.

Friendship questionnaire and discussion questions

Friendship questionnaire/survey (PDF)

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4 Speaking skills: love and romance worksheet

This is an  English  language  exercise exploring the language of love and romance. The pictures show common romance and love situations. Students use their own ideas to fill in the speech bubbles. 

LOve and romance speech bubbles

Love and romance speech bubbles (PDF)

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