Lessons for the Present Continuous and Daily Activities

Prediction for  present continuous 

  • 1. Model
Draw a picture on the board of  someone doing something…..think of  a suitable present continuous
sentence….and ….ask the  students  to guess your
sentence. If they have trouble …..elicit the  sentence
with clues.



What is she doing ?
She is taking a report out of the filing cabinet for her boss.

2. Speaking

Get the students to draw their own  picture on  a piece of  paper  and write  a sentence about the picture ON THE BACK of the paper. For example the sentence for the picture above might be
  “She is taking a report out of the filing cabinet for her boss..”
After the students have drawn the pics they can walk  around asking  their  classmates  “What is he/she doing?”   . If the student answering
does not give a perfect answer  the questioner  can follow up with questions like
What  is she taking out of the filing cabinet?”    or
“Who is she taking it out  for?”.

IMPORTANT:  It always  adds another dynamic to these  short exchange activities
if you get the students to exchange their pics after their spoken exchange is completed.
This keeps the exercise endlessly fresh and challenging.
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