Picture-Based Language Teaching Exercises and Worksheets

  • Pictures provoke the imagination.
  • Pictures are fun.
  • Pictures are a universal language. They can convey meanings instantly.
  • Pictures can make difficult topics more accessible.
  • Pictures can be used to aid almost any ESL teaching exercise including vocabulary exercises, brainstorming exercises, dialogues, role plays, story-telling, and cultural lessons.
  • Pictures encourage discussions as individuals interpret images in different ways.
  • These days, with image libraries, it is quite easy to find a picture or image to suit almost any word or situation.

12 teaching ideas for using pictures to tell stories (PDF)

10 environmental issues and vocabulary exercises (PDF)

10 food, cooking and restaurant language exercises (PDF)

10 adjectives worksheets and lessons with pictures

8 business English speaking skills worksheets (PDF)

Picture dialogue-booking a room at a hotel (PDF)

4 picture-based worksheets for teaching the present continuous tense (PDF)

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What are they doing? (classroom scene ) (PDF)

Writing & asking questions about pictures  worksheets (PDF)

Speaking tests using picture of people in office and questions (PDF)

Which picture is it about? Writing sentences

Pic/sentence prediction for present continuous

Picture stories for “Money Talks” topics (PDF)

Adapting a picture story

Talking numbers, dates, amounts etc worksheet with pictures (PDF)

Household vocabulary: label the picture (PDF)

Storyboard template(PDF)

ESL exercises (with pictures) for describing houses using language for household objects, adjectives, problems, pests & complaints (PDF)

“Find the hazards” in the workplace pics (PDFs)

Great office equipment vocab pictures and matching exercise p69 70 (PDF)

Sequencing recycling lesson using scrambled pictures (PDF)

A short guide to picture teaching ideas (PDF)

Household Furniture Crossword Puzzle (with pictures) (PDF)

Partial Pictures teaching idea

Lesson Plan- Describing Picture Scenes

Picture Sentence Teacher Worksheets: elementary

Cartoon analysis worksheet (PDF)

Pic Tac Toe A fun visual-linguistic lesson plan for presenting,reviewing and comparing verb tenses

Adjective Gallery

Superlative island

Einstein/ Monroe illusion (PDF)