Prepostions Exercises and Worksheets

Preposition Activity 1


Everyone knows that prepositions are a problem to teach and it’s difficult for ESL students to remember their appropriate usage. Here is a fairly straightforward activity for prepositions that keeps students active and interested.

Prepare a list of nouns that are associated with different prepositions. Between 20 and 30 would be a good number.
Step 1

Dictate the list of nouns and at the same time elicit the corect prepostions for these nouns.
Step 2

Put the students in pairs to read out nouns and test their partners knowledge of prepositions. Or put the nouns on flash cards and get the students to walk round flashing their
Taxi driver prepositions game
Preposition Activity 2


This is a good game to wrap up a lesson teaching prepositions of location.


Copies of a local street map(1 per two students), preferably a map with a lot features.

Hand out the maps and select a place(without telling the students what it is). Write 2 pieces of information about this place on the board.
It is on Rajdamri Rd. and next to the Regent Hotel.
Tell the students to locate the place and tell you it’s name.


Hand out slips of paper(about the size of the palm of your hand) and instuct the students to write the locations of 5 places on the paper like this:
1. Dusit Thani Hotel
It’s on Rama IV and opposite Lumphini Park.
2. World Trade Center
It’s on the corner of Sukhumvit Rd. and Rajadamri Rd.


After the groupshave finished collect the slips of paper, select 2 students and seat them in front of the class as “game show hosts”. Share the collected pieces of paper between the hosts and tell them to read out the locations to the class(as in STEP 1). The pairs of students now become teams and when any team shouts out the correct location score them a point on the board. It’s essential to keep up a fast pace reading out directions. If the “game show hosts” are a bit slow fill in yourself with a few off the top of your head.

After 10 or 15 minutes stop the game and tell the students with the most 
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