Superlative Island

Superlative Island

This is an ESL speaking exercise for to help students use superlative adjectives.

1. Students draw an outline of an island on a sheet of blank paper. It’s fine to do this in pairs.

2. Dictate a whole lot of places or get each student to suggest one thing to be drawn on the map. Includes all kinds of places and things : tourist attractions, forms of transport, problems and weather.

3. Stick the maps on the walls. Write some questions cues on the board and tell the students to walk around the room asking questions about the maps.

4. Questions might go like this:

What is the most interesting place on the island ? Why?

What do you think is the most famous attraction ? Why?

What is the least interesting attraction ? Why?

Where could you get the most delicious food ?

What is the biggest problem ?

What is the worst place on the island ?

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