Virtual Reality language exercises

Welcome to an immersive journey through the language and concepts of Virtual Reality (VR). As a transformative force in the 21st century, VR plays an increasingly pivotal role in diverse fields – from gaming and entertainment to education, healthcare, and beyond. Mastering the language of VR not only expands your English vocabulary but also provides a deeper understanding of this cutting-edge technology shaping our modern world.

This page will help students navigate the complex, yet fascinating language commonly used when talking about VR technology.

Vocabulary Exercises: We’ll start with vocabulary exercises that are tailored to introduce students to the terminology used in VR. From ‘augmented reality’ to ‘immersion’, introductory vocabulary exercises will ensure students understand and remember these new words.

Expressing Opinions: After we’ve tackled vocabulary, we’ll move on to expressing opinions about VR. This section will provide phrases and structures that can be used to articulate thoughts on this cutting-edge technology.

Critical Thinking Exercises: VR is a rapidly evolving field with many facets to consider. Critical thinking exercises will challenge students to form well-informed views on topics such as the possible uses of VR or its potential impacts on users.

Listening Exercises: Next, listening exercises will help students improve your comprehension skills. These exercises provide examples of real-world language use and a chance to adapt to different accents.

1 Expressing opinions about virtual reality

Students complete each opinion with the vocabulary at the bottom of the page and decide whether they agree or disagree with each opinion.

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2 Virtual reality vocabulary introduction

Picture matching and multiple choice exercises to help familiarize students with the vocabulary.

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3 Virtual reality language exercises

A critical thinking ranking exercise and several other exercises to help expand students’ understanding of the topic.

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4 Virtual reality survey

A classroom survey exercise to wrap up a VR related class.

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