Relationships, Friendships and Romance Vocabulary and Speaking Exercises

  • Learning and understanding the language of relationships, friendship and romance is a pretty fun and easily personalized topic for English language learners.
  • Just about everyone can answer questionnaires and surveys about these topics.
  • Relationships and friendships are two of the easiest topics to teach to low level students.

4  romance, love and friendship lessons (PDF)

Matchmaking role plays and discussions

Conversation Questions Love, Dating & Marriage

Family and relationships vocabulary

Feeling words for marriage

Wedding vocabulary

Words of Love – A Valentine’s Vocabulary

Classifying friends worksheet (PDF)

Sayings about lovers & friends exercise (PDF)

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The language of love: match the idioms with the expressions (PDF)

Complete the dialogues using the appropriate idioms (PDF)

Valentine’s Day and love teaching ideas including “love statements”survey

Personality vocabulary and speaking lessons (including “first impressions)

Socializing and small talk exercises

5 Intercultural Body Language, Gestures and Etiquette Language Exercises