Tourism and Hospitality Industry Language Exercises

  • Understanding and communicating in English is essential for any students wanting to pursue a career in the tourism and hospitality industries.
  • Practicing and being able to respond to expressions that are commonly used in each segment of these industries is essential for success.
  • Hotels, restaurants, airports and airlines all have specialized language requirements that the worksheets below aim to cover in an instructive and entertaining fashion.

5 travel and tourism language and vocabulary lessons

8  hotel vocabulary and speaking skills exercises (PDF)

5  airport and airline vocabulary and language skills exercises with answers (PDF)

Travel/transport and getting around (PDF)

Travel advice: modals for prohibition & obligation

Intercultural tourism vocabulary sorting worksheet (PDF)

Consumer complaints listening/speaking exercises

Letter Writing Task: Objective: To write a detailed description of a vacation destination.(PDF)

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Travel sentence starters (PDF)

10 tourism industry dialogues (PDF)

Do you have a room ?- hotel roleplay (PDF)

Airport, bus stations & hotels worksheets (PDF)

A collection of hotel dialogs

Hotel booking vocabulary (PDF)

ESL Hotel reservations and booking worksheet (PDF)

Hotel roleplays dialogues • Booking a hotel room • Checking into the hotel • Hotel Problems

Hotel roleplay dialogue

Hotel Roleplay lesson

Talking about restaurant problems – worksheet with pictures(PDF)

Giving advice to tourists-using modals/should (PDF)

Book into a hotel roleplay

Requesting Travel Information Roleplay

Hotels/Accomodation: frequently asked questions