Clothes, Accessories and Fashion Vocabulary and Speaking Exercises

  •  Fashion, accessories and clothes vocabulary and associated expressions and language can be taught with a variety of techniques including vocabulary-picture matching, class surveys and word maps.
  • These exercises engage the students and encourage them to interact.

1. Clothes, accessories and fashion choices survey and speaking lesson

This is an ESL  speaking and writing lesson  for talking about clothes, accessories and fashion choices. First, students write five survey questions about fashion choices. There are some examples of  questions on the first page of the PDF.  When they have written five questions on Page 2 of the PDF,  they can walk around the class asking  classmates their questions and noting down their answers on the worksheet. Finally, they write a short report from their survey  question answers. This is a fun communicative exercise that allows students to mix freely. 

Clothes, fashion and accessories choices survey worksheet

Fashion Choices Survey (PDF)

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2 Fashion and shopping word maps

This wordmaps exercise is a great way to explore the language of fashion, shopping and taste. It can be done collectively or individually. Once enough vocabulary has been generated on the board or on worksheets, students can write their ideas and opinions about fashion and shopping using the sentence cues at the bottom of the page.

Clothes, fashion and accessories  word maps

Fashion and shopping wordmaps (PDF)

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