ESL Personality Exercises and Worksheets

  • Lessons discussing the vocabulary and language for describing personality types are are a fixed component of almost all ESL courses.
  • Personality is a great topic as students move into pre-intermediate and intermediate levels.
  • It introduces students to a whole range of adjectives and there is a wealth of teaching material techniques and materials available to the teacher.
  • Personality quizzes, surveys,  questionnaires and  job interviews  are some of the enjoyable possibilities for a personality lesson.

16 personality vocabulary and listening/speaking activities (PDF)

Character Adjective Lesson

Most important things in life lesson

Finish the sentence


Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Is Your Conversation Style Feminine or Masculine?

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Try to complete the following expressions about yourself (PDF)

Adjectives for personality lessons (PDF)

Personality adjective activity (PDF)

Emotion idioms exercise (PDF)

List of core values (PDF)

“Value”(noun) survey

Talking about roommates speaking exercise (PDF)

Comparing people: speaking & writing exercise (PDF)

Emotional Memories (questions to talk or write about)

Personality Adjective Gallery

Comparative Adjective Exercises and Worksheets

Amazing Adverbs

Ed/ing Adjectives

4 Exercises for Aspects of Nouns