Working from home vocabulary and language exercises

“Working from home” is a great topic for English language classes. In the current circumstances nearly everyone has some experience of working from home. So it’s a great discussion topic, and it could also used for classes involving giving opinions, making comparisons (home vs office), teaching argumentative writing or discussing technological change. It also has its own  fairly specific set of vocabulary.

 1 Working from home vocabulary

Working from home uses some a fairly specific and often repeated set of words. So it makes sense to teach these words business English language students as these words increasingly appear in the media, in writing and in everyday conversations.

Working from home picture/vocabulary matching and sentence writing exercise.

Working from vocabulary (PDF)

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2 Working from home reading comprehension

The movement to “working from home” affects so many aspects of people’s lives. Consequently, it is a great topic for teaching any aspect of the English language as it is likely to engage students interest.

Working from home reading comprehension (PDF).

Working from reading comprehension (PDF)

3 Working from home vocabulary (brainstorming and argument version)

This is such a good topic for discussions, arguments and debates that I made a second version (of exercise 1) with charts at the bottom for brainstorming the advantages and disadvantages of working from home versus working in the office.

Working from home vocabulary and brainstorm worksheet

Working from home vocabulary for brainstorming  (PDF)

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