Adjectives Lessons Exercises and Worksheets

  • Teaching adjectives is usually quite enjoyable.
  • The grammar rules are fairly straightforward  and students are able to expand their vocabulary and express themselves.
  • However, there are several different types of adjectives.
  • So students need to become familiar with the types of adjectives in order to become fluent.
  • Fortunately, there are lots of interesting teaching materials to aid a teacher.
  • Matching  pictures to adjectives is an enjoyable and fun way to learn adjectives.
  • Pictures also stir students’ curiosity and they are more likely to ask questions to clarify the meaning if they do not understand.

11  adjectives listening/speaking/vocabulary lessons (with audio and answers) (PDF)

Comparative adjective exercises

Personality adjectives exercises (PDF)

3 ed/ing adjectives exercises using picture cues for grammar practice

Ed/ing adjectives  list

Questions with adjectives to talk or write about)(word doc)

What do YOU think about….? describing situations speaking lesson using -ed adjectives

Adjectives with -ing / -ed: What word do you need to complete the sentence?Adjectives & the senses (PDF)

Participial Adjectives (ed/ing) quiz

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Identify the adjectives worksheet (word)

Match the opposites 1 (PDF

Adjective vocabulary: match the opposites 2 (PDF)

Matching opposites 3(PDF)

Match the opposites 4 (PDF)

Antonyms worksheet (PDF)

Complete these sentences. Use the personality adjectives above (PDF)

Personality adjective activity (PDF)

Handout  maker for  feelings adjectives

Superlative adjective speaking activity (PDF)

Comparatives worksheet (PDF)

Complete the Comparative and Superlative Adjective Chart (PDF)

Teaching ideas and speaking tasks for comparatives and superlatives 

Character Adjective Lesson

Dramatic Feelings

Characteristics of Adjectives