Present Simple Exercises and Worksheets

Common verbs 1 (with audio)

This is an elementary ESL exercise for learning common verbs by matching verbs to pictures and writing sentences. First, the students match the words to the pictures. Then they try to write sentences using the words.

Common verbs for the present simple exercise

Common verbs 1 (PDF)

Common verbs 1

Present simple sentences (with audio)

  This is an elementary ESL  exercise for practicing the present simple tense. Students look at the pictures and write suitable sentences using the verbs under the pictures in the present simple.

Present simple sentence writing (PDF)

Present simple sentences

Common verbs 2 (with audio)

This exercise is similar to the one above.

Another common verbs for the present simple exercise.

Common verbs 2 (PDF)

Common verbs 2

Parts of speech for present simple

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