6 ESL Exercises and Worksheets for Talking about Cities

Talking about cities is a nice topic for an elementary discussion class. All students can relate to this topic  so it’s relatively easy to brainstorm vocabulary and opinions. City related images in the ESL worksheets play an important role in engaging  the students.

1 Talking about cities

Students match the vocabulary to the appropriate pictures.Then they ask each other questions about cities using the questions at the bottom of the page. Click on the image below or the link to download the PDF file.

Describing or talking about cities vocabulary and speaking exercise

Talking about  cities (PDF)

2 Urban complaints speaking activity

An elementary  brainstorming and speaking activity to help students discuss cities and urban areas.

Urban complaints brainstorm and speaking activity

Urban complaints (PDF)

 3 Cities – the good & the bad

This is a discussion worksheet for giving opinions about cities. Students need to think about positives and negatives of aspects of city living.

Cities; the good and bad discussion exercise

Cities: the good and bad

4 The City: opinions

Students think of city related topics they’d like to speak about and fill in  the topics in the lefthand column. Then then write their own opinions about each topic. Finally, they ask a partner for his or her opinions.

A speaking activity: giving opinions about the city

Cities: giving opinions (PDF)

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5 Urban Lifestyle Choices speaking lesson

This is an ESL speaking and writing lesson for talking about lifestyle choices.. First, students interview a partner using the questions below the pictures. Then, they write a short report about their partner’s lifestyle choices.

Urban lifestyle choices questionnaire

Urban lifestyles choices  questionnaire (PDF)

6 Advantages/disadvantages of living in the city

Students look at the pictures or use their own ideas to list the advantages and disadvantages of living in the city.

Brainstorming advantages disadvantages of living in the city

Advantages/disadvantages of living in the city (PDF)

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