Vocabulary Exercises and Worksheets

  • Vocabulary can be taught in many different ways.
  • And if you can add more variety to the teaching of vocabulary, you will have more enjoyable classes.
  • Personally, I prefer using pictures and creating picture-vocabulary matching exercises and other kinds of exercises that might add  a critical thinking, contextual or cultural dimension.
  • I have tried to give a sample of some useful vocabulary exercises and worksheets below.

Business English Vocabulary Exercises

Cool Advertising & Branding Vocabulary & Language Exercises

Kinds of Collocation and Phrasal Verb Exercises

  Describing Graphs  Language Exercises

Jobs and Careers Vocabulary  and Speaking exercises

Money and Finance Worksheets

Computing and  technology vocabulary and speaking Activities

Intercultural Body Language, Gestures and Etiquette Language Exercises

Super Essential Academic Vocabulary Lessons

Food, cooking and restaurant vocabulary (PDF)

Crime and illegal activities  vocabulary (PDF)

Elements of love & relationships vocabulary worksheet (PDF)

At the Airport vocabulary worksheet (PDF)

Easter vocabulary worksheet (PDF)

Jobs and careers vocabulary worksheets (PDF)

Tips for teaching vocabulary

Making vocabulary stick :using word lists to make connections

ESL Food Vocabulary lesson

Vocabulary chart

 Vocabulary Word Map (PDF)

Confusing words worksheet (PDF)

Hotseat/Back to the Board Classic ESL/EFL Game Vocabulary table

Using Wall Maps for expanding ESL students’ vocabulary

American (US) vs British(UK) English vocabulary (PDF)

Sports vocabulary worksheets (PDF)

Health and illness vocabulary (PDF)

Environmental vocabulary (PDF)

Financial vocabulary (PDF)

Advertising vocabulary worksheet (PDF)

Global issues vocabulary-advanced (PDF)

Vocabulary for elections & democracy (PDF)