2 Icebreaking Crime and Illegal Acts Vocabulary Exercises

Crime and illegal activities vocabulary 1 (with answers)

Students look at the pictures and match the them with the vocabulary. This exercise is a great icebreaker or introductory exercise for a discussion about crime and illegal activities. After matching the words to the pictures, students could be asked to rank the crimes in order of seriousness. Alternatively, they could be asked to think of appropriate punishments for each crime.

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Crime and illegal activities vocabulary exercises 1

Crime and illegal activities 1 (PDF)

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Crime and illegal activities vocabulary 2 (with answers)

This is a second exercise in the same format as the exercise above. It expands on the vocabulary in the first exercise. Another idea for following up on the vocabulary exercise would be to get students to write opinions  crimes that effect their lives, explaining where, when and how they they have been affected.

Crime and illegal activities vocabulary and picture matching 2

Crime and illegal activities 2 (PDF)

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