Illustrated News Story Worksheets for Language Learners

News story worksheets are a great way to engage students with language and contemporary issues and events at the same time. They help students practice their use of tenses and logical narrative organization to create and tell stories. It can also be pretty interesting and fun.

1 “Mountain Rescue” news story exercise

The pictures show the story of snowboarder who climbed a mountain but then had an unfortunate accident while snowboarding down.

Mountian rescue illustrated story telling worksheet

Mountain Rescue (PDF)


2 “Oil Spill”

“Oil Spill” is  the story of  a damaged  tanker leaking oil and bursting into flames. The leaking oil  kills wildlife and contaminates the environment.

An ocean oil spill news story exercise.

Oil Spill (PDF)

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News and story telling home


3 “Cat in Tree”

These pictures about a genius cat who gets stuck in a tree form the basis of a local human interest story.

Cat in tree news story worksheet

“Cat in Tree” (PDF)


4 “Lisa’s Sister”

In this international news story writing exercise, students have to write a story about the the recent (fictional) discovery of a painting by Leonardo Da Vinci similar to  the “Mona Lisa” but titled “Lisa’s Sister”.

Lisa's Sister is an international news story writing exercise.

“Lisa’s Sister” (PDF)


5 “The  Astronauts Return”

Another international-type news story that reports on a space exploration and research expedition.

"The Astronauts Return" is a news story writing exercise.

“The Astronauts Return” (PDF)


6 “The  Next Champion?”

This is a sports story about an up and coming tennis champion. The story tracks  the female tennis player’s career from her childhood and  speculates about her future success.

An illustrated sports news writing exercise story

“The Next Champion?” (PDF)


7 “Lost Keys”

This is another human interest story. It is  a story telling exercise about a common everyday occurrence. A woman loses her keys at the department store and is worried about being late for work. But everything ends well after her keys are returned to her.

"Lost keys" story telling exercise

“Lost Keys” (PDF)

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