Business English Vocabulary and Speaking Exercises and Worksheets

  • Business English can be taught with a variety of techniques. Surveys, interviews, questionnaires, quizzes and role plays are all useful.
  • In addition, I like using picture-based exercises which provide context and add critical thinking, and cultural dimensions to the class.
  • Of course, some business topics are more interesting than others. However, if you have the right teaching materials a variety of teaching materials, most topics can be enjoyable.
  • Below are some of the more popular business English topics.

5 Import/export, logistics and supply chain listening, speaking and vocabulary exercises

20  Business English speaking, listening and language skills exercises (PDF)

10 Essential Business English Vocabulary Exercises and Worksheets

Advertising and branding listening/speaking and vocabulary exercises

4  Working from Home exercises incl. parts of speech and vocabulary exercises

4 worksheets for expanding Business English vocabulary and speaking skills (PDF)

7 listening/speaking exercises for describing graphs  (PDF)

9 Invitations and Requests Dialogues and Listening Exercises for Everyday Scenarios

10 employment, jobs and careers language worksheets  (PDF)

4 money and finances vocabulary and speaking exercises (PDF)

5 complaints and responses vocabulary and speaking exercises (PDF)

Lessons, vocabulary and surveys for talking about money and spending

9 writing exercises for describing processes

Breakingnewsenglish.com business related news lessons for English language teachers

Credit card business english lesson incl.listening

Work and Business Roleplays for ESL Teachers and Students[

Restaurant, telephoning, hotel etc activities & roleplays

Rental Shop

Complaint Lessons

Workplace Skills Lesson Ideas

Describing Office objects (elementary)