Movies brainstorms and speaking activities

1 Movies brainstorm and speaking activity

    This is a movies language exercise  for English language learners to practice the present simple tense.  Students  try to identify movie genres and brainstorm the names of movies for each genre. Then they write questions about movies and ask a classmate.

Movie brainstorm, vocabulary exercise and speaking activity.

Movie brainstorm and speaking activity (PDF)

2 Write a conversation exercise: going out to a movie

“Going Out” is another good conversation topic. When students write these dialogues in pairs or small groups they automatically fall into a role play mode without any direction from the teacher.

Elementary “going out” conversation or dialogue writing exercise for English language students.

Going out (PDF)

(YouTube gap fill version)

Going out conversation audio

3 Elements of movies vocabulary

In this exercise, students learn language used to discuss movies. Students match the vocabulary to the pictures and then ask their classmates the questions at the bottom of the page.

Elements of movies language, vocabulary and speaking activities.

 Elements of movies vocabulary(PDF)

4 Elements of movies qualities

This exercise explores the language of movies more deeply. Students may have to think a bit more to match the words and expressions to the pictures.

Vocabulary and speaking activity for giving opinions about movies and describing movie qualities.

Elements of movies qualities (PDF)

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